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The mountains and hills around Puri Mangga are perfect for motorcycle adventures. Small winding roads, relative little traffic as soon as one has left the coast, beautiful  landscapes, breathtaking views, all that what the heart of a biker desires. As basic bikes we have in Puri Mangga 2 Enduro Kawasaki KLX with 250 - and 200 cc and a Honda scooter. Others can be obtained from Lovina within a short time.

The motorcycles are fully comprehensive insured, but as it is nowadays the case on Bali, the insurance has their little peculiarities, they only pay for total loss or theft. Small damages must be paid by the renter. However, this is usually very cheap, since repairs and repair work are here at a very low price. Therefore a deposit of € 400.- will be charged, everything above is on our responsibility. The resulting repairs are done by a workshop and charged to you as a renter.

You can either plan and drive your own tours, you can take day tours with a guide or you booki our motorbike tour program, see below.

Costs for a motorbike: €uro 20.- incl. Insurance per day, scooter € 8.- incl. Insurance per day.

You get the bikes with a full tank and  you are supposed to return them also with  a full tank.

Our 12 days feel-good package:

Bali - The Island of Gods

Motorbike / Enduro tour through the north of Bali

Bali is mystical and beautiful - primeval forests, temples, mountains, canyons, waterfalls, rice fields, friendly people, great climate - depending on the area brilliant beaches and just the right roads that you need for motorcycling ... Especially in the north of Bali. The south is very touristy and often overcrowded, but in the north you can still find the original Bali and every day it's fun to explore and "experience" this part of the island.

The "Base Camp":

Puri Mangga Sea View Resort & Spa is located about 3 km above Lovina, surrounded by rice fields and palm trees with a great view toLovina Bay.
jsut see pics on
Puri Mangga offers you everything your heart desires, beautiful large rooms with air conditioning and terraces, 2 pools, spa, restaurant, bar / lounge with a large exotic garden and rice fields.
Our restaurant is one of the best in Lovina, so body and soul are very well taken care of.
Take your breakfast on what you feel like without having any fixed times and in the evening you can expect a 3-course menu with an Amuse Gueule as a starter. Our chefs are looking forward to your wishes, they are always gladly accepted. (1 day in advance)

After a long motorcycle tour there is nothing better than a visit to the spa, a bit of swimming in the pool, relaxing on the pool terrace or just passing the time with a beer or cocktail at the bar ...

Roads, tours and bikes:

We will drive on small and really small roads that are sometimes very bumpy (as so often in Indonesia), but all are paved and accessible by      normal  motorbikes. There is also the possibility to take an off-road day, just let us know in advance.

In Bali you will rarely find motorcycles over 250 cc, usually there are the Honda Tiger with 200 cc or similar. (on ttiger you can also go with a Sozia) or Enduros between 175 and 250 cc e.g. Kawasaki KLX or similar

Insurance: All motorcycles are fully comprehensive, deposit € 400.-

The tours will be about 100-120 km long, we will not rush but enjoy.

 The program:

Day 1: Pick up from the airport (cold towels, water or beer in the vehicle at your disposal), about 3 hours drive over the mountains, we pass rice terraces, monkey forests, temples and landscape pure.
Upon arrival, you first get a welcome drink at Puri Mangga, the rooms will be shown to you, then relax until dinner. An amuse gueule and a 3-course menu will be preparedt you, then conclude the evening with interesting gasoline talks or simply go to our video library and choose a movie.
If you arrive late at night, dinner will be postponed for the next day and you will have a snack.

Day 2: Having a good night's rest (breakfast is available all day), get your motor bikes and in the afternoon we make a little tour to settle in and getting adapted to the traffic with driving on the left side of the roads.

Day 3: the mountains ..are calling... "Lovina around the hills", beautiful mountain ranges, waterfalls, magnificent views and curves until you drop

Day 4: Ambengan and Sambangan village, rice terraces and waterfalls at its best, very rural area, let yourself be surprised

Day 5: Bengkel village: The home village of our Balinese partner. His father discovered the Santhiphala Valley there. A dreamlike valley, this is what paradise could look like. Black rocks with waterfalls, small pools of crystal clear water and "Spafish" and an original Balinese lunch. You have to walk back and forth for about ½ hour, but you should treat yourself to this dream! Then beautiful landscapes and curves without an end.

Day 6: "Lake view tour": and back up to the mountains, we will visit the various lakes that are close to Bedogul. In the sunshine you can see the mighty Mount Agung in the distance. This is th highest mountain and volcano on Bali.

Day 7: Titab Village Tour:

Day 8: Kubutambahan village: This time our tour takes us east past Singaraja (former capital of Bali) to Kubutamhan Village, where we will visit one of the most beautiful temples in Bali.

Day 9: Tejakula Village: and again we head east along the north coast to Tejakula Village, a beautiful spot right by the sea. Not far from Mount Batur, one of the highest active volcanoes in Bali near Lake Batur.

Day 10: Even the most beautiful motorcycle tours come sometimes to an end, but there is still time to go ahead for some exciting things.
A highlight is certainly with our attached diving school a trip for snorkelling or diving at the island of Menjangan. The whole island is a huge coral reef and is supposed to be one of the most beautiful dive sites of Indonesia.

Or a trip to Krishna Watersports with parasailing, water scooter or water skiing?

Get up early and watch dolphins in the wild? Meeting point at 8:00 am at Krisna Watersports for Dolphin Watching. The "masses" have been travelling already since 6:00 am and of course enjoy a beautiful sunrise - we go there only 2 hours later in a Glassbottom motorboat to the sea, no more tourists and a lot of dolphins.
Shopping a bit and hanging out in bars downtown is also not a bad plan.
In the evening we go to the "End of Tour Party" in the "Funky Place".
A typical Balinese menu, served on banana leaves, is waiting for you. In addition there is a bit of culture with typical Balinese dances and later good live music ...

Day 11: Relaxing and / or smaller activities are announced. Return the bikes, relax by the pool and enjoy the sun ... just let the last day end comfortably.

Day 12: Departure, our drivers will take you to the airport in Denpasar. We hope you enjoyed it and we meet again.

What is inclusive?

- 11 nights in a double room including breakfast

- Transfer from and to the airport

- 10 days motorbike rental incl. fully comprehensive insurance

- English speaking tour guide

- Admission and lunch in the Santhipala Valley

- End of Tour Party incl. Dinner (without drinks)

- Welcome Dinner (without drinks)

Not Inclusive?

- Flights from Germany or other countries to Denpasar

- Drinks and food during the motorcycle trips (about € 3 - 4.-), except Santhipala Valley, this is included in the price.

- Evening menu except 1st evening and End of Tour party (for the rest of the time, if you want to eat dinner with us, a 3 course meal incl. Amuse     Gueule costs € 15.- plus 21% tax and service. If a whole menu is to much for you, of course you can also eat  à la carte.

- Activities like massages, diving, snorkeling, scooter etc.

- Gasoline, you get the bike filled up first and you also give it back with a full tank. One liter of gasoline costs about 45 cents.

Flights to Bali:

There are no direct flights anymore, unfortunately you always have 1 or 2 stops  You should check out how long are the transit times also that it is only 1 stop and how "short" the flights are.
We have the best experience with Qatar as a First Class Airline. They fly from Munich, Berlin or Frankfurt and usually have the cheapest offers. Flight times e.g. from Munich to Doha 5 ½ hours, about 2 hours stopover, then another 8 1/2 hours to Bali.
Singapore Air, Thai Air and Cathay Pacific are also very good but usually more expensive, the whole Arabian Airlines (Emirates etc.) are not bad, but you have to expect longer stops ( like 4 -7 hours).
Korean - and China air are also recommended, but the flight is about 2 hours longer, as Seoul and Taipei are a bit further away from the direct line. 
It usually applies always to the stopovers, some airlines offer flights with very long stays, these should actually to be avoided, unless the price is unbeatable. In addition, you should register with the various companies for their newsletter. We have the best experience with that.
Depending on the season, flights range between € 570.- and € 980.-.
In a group we should agree in advance to coordinate the flights, it would be difficult to pick up each person individually at the airport ...
Please inform us, we could coordinate the flights with you and your collegues.

Some useful information

- Safety while biking:

Helmets are  required on Bali. The Balinese do not take it so exactly, but if you are stopped as a tourist without a helmet, then it just costs. Apart from that you should always wear a helmet for your own safety ... Also, a light safety gear would not be wrong, there is no law in Bali that you can not drive with t-shirt, shorts and slippers, but see above - Safety first!

- left-hand traffic:

In Bali left-hand traffic is announced, with a motorcycle you get used to it easily. And be careful with traffic lights, there are not very many in the north, but sometimes the red phase is deliberately overlooked.

- Money:
1 € equals about 16.500 Indonesian Rupiah - IDR. It is advisable to take €uro, for any other currency you have to pay in Europe first change fees and then here again. Euro is a widely popular and accepted currency.

In Lovina there are various exchange offices (Official Money Changer), which are open until late at night. You can also withdraw money at the ATMs by credit or debit card, but rarely more than € 150. Also, you can pay almost anywhere with credit card with the disadvantage that the Indonesian bank deducts up to 3% as commission on sales.

- Medical supplies:
There is no problem in Bali, there are doctors, dentists and hospitals in the cities, some of the hospitals are at a very high level. Recommended would be a foreign health insurance or ADAC or another automobile club etc.

- North Bali and Lovina:

- The people are incredibly nice and friendly and not yet as mass tourism shaped as in the south (Kuta, etc.) The landscape is very diverse, many wooded mountains and valleys, volcanoes, big waterfalls, rainforests, rice fields, lakes, etc.
Lovina itself is a fishing village with good shopping facilities, nice restaurants, 2 beach clubs and various live music pubs (Kantin 21, Funky Place, "No Name Bar" just to mention some of the most popular etc. )
The restaurants have a diverse selection of nations (Indonesian, Thai, Japanese, Greek, Italian, German etc.) But you didn't come to Bali for eating Greek food, are you...?
As mentioned above, everything is a little quieter and more contemplative in the north of Bali.
The roads are from really good to pretty bad, but all are paved and they can be used by any light motorbikes and scooters. The traffic is lively on the main roads, on secondary roads as higher as you get in the mountains traffic comes partly zero.

If this 12 day program is to much or to long for you, we can easily work out a shorter trip. Please inform us about your plans. So shorter tours or guided one-day tours can be also booked.

For prices and further information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

Updated on August 21st, 2018